Our story begins in 1989 in the beautiful manufacturing city of Shawinigan.

At that time, Pierre Pagé, the son of a flooring merchant, looked into the problems of work-related illnesses related to long hours spent standing. Finding no solution on the market inspired him with a mission to bring relief to those who work standing !

It was at that point that he developed RxMat, a joining of surface and membrane, varied and made to measure. Eureka ! These ingenious anti-fatigue workstations were praised and demanded from everywhere, from factories to pharmaceutical laboratories. The reputation of its products and their benefits quickly led the company to spread throughout Quebec.

In 2006, a pharmacist from Asbestos requested that we make her a wall-to-wall anti-fatigue RxMat for her laboratory. Not one to shy away from any challenge, Pierre Pagé pushed the limits of the possible to create the first ergonomic floor, the RxFloor.

Winter 2014, Pierre decided to team up with Frédéric Yelle who, loaded with 22 years of experience in the flooring industry, dove into the venture. This alliance paid off quickly, while Syner Gény experienced a rapid growth in sales. Confidant, Pierre Pagé quietly pulled away to a well-deserved retirement and placed the future of RxFloor in the hands of Frédéric.

Energized by the desire to offer his clients the very best, Frédéric Yelle then convinced Gerflor, one of the best known manufacturers of vinyl and sports membranes, to become business partners. This is how RxFloor took on a whole new look to become RxFloor+. More comfort! More impressive warranty! More colours and finishes! The new generation RxFloor+ captivates and conquers like the winds of change.

Summer 2014, Syner Gény’s team expanded to meet the needs of daycares and developed a safe floor, the SecurFloor. This is how a second mission took its place in the company, protecting those you care about most! Our SecurFloor succeeds though its ability to absorb shocks and prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall and is measured using a specialized measuring device, the TRIAX.

Today, our family company contributes to the relief of people who work standing and protects those important to you in factories, laboratories, daycares, entertainment centres, seniors’ residences, veterinary clinics, dental centres, hospitals, restaurants, boutiques, banks, big box retail stores and much more.